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Hi, we are Philip and Hanna and we are bringing this blog to you. We are currently based in Iisalmi, Finland but lived for many years in Austria before. We met 2009 in Sweden on our semester abroad. As Philip ist Austrian and Hanna is Finnish, we have a multinational or intercultural family and have the chance to discover what is considered “normal” in either of our countries and often discover that it is not so “normal” in the other country. And that is the basis for our blog.

There is ususally more than one “Normal” – you are simply not yet aware of it.

That’s why we named our blog “The OTHER Normal”. We both cover different topics on this website and our short introduction will give you a quick information about us and our favorite topics:


Hanna had the inital idea about having a blog. She started in 2016 to study food and nutrition in Great Britain (“Healing Diets Nutritional Consultant”) and wanted to share the knowledge she was taught and the vegan receipes she was discovering at the same time. However, three quirky kids, a dog and some other things kept her from ever publishing this website.
While she was coming from a business and marketing education (hight school and studies), she actually never felt “telling people what stuff to buy” was the right approach or job for her. Hanna started to see drastic health improvements by herself with a combination of the right diet and food, excercise and (daily) regimen and kept focusing on that.

Now she will finally share her knowledge about health and food topics on this blog as well as contribute to all other areas if needed or appropriate. She also belongs the the group of critical people who like to question today’s standard’s and therefore fitting perfectly to the name and content of this blog.


Philip is creative. Sometimes so creative that he starts new things before he finnishes old ones. You may call him also an “Autodidact” as he studies many topics by himself purely out of interest.
With an technical high school education and studies in logistics, he then decided to follow his hobby activities and turned a purchasing job down for his own business in the areas of photography and marketing.
Besides that he loves music and playing drums. And listening to music or watching movies with great music is an important source of his inspiration as you may see on our blog.

Philip is responsible mainly for the “Moving to Finland”, “Da.Peda – Van Restoration” the “A little inspiration” and the “Corona” section of this blog.