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Do you ever REALLY listen to music?

  • March 17, 2021
  • By Phil
Do you ever REALLY listen to music?

How many times do you actually listen by purpose to a song and take the words really into your mind? I guess that nowadays a big amount of songs is more meant for entertainment purposes than for thoughtful listening and the conveyance of important messages. Actually, quite many “older” singer and songwriters used their songs to deliver powerful messages through their texts and melodies.

Reinhard Mey ist one of those singer and songwriters and due to his use of the German language mostly known in German speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. While some of his songs cover more of funny or lovely topics and make the listener smile, other songs are rather profound and transfer deep messages about bigger subjects and recurring topics.

Today I have two great songs of Reinhard Mey and his friends that I recently discovered and got really surprised. Enjoy a few minutes of a great man with great music, lyric and guitar skills and important messages about politics, society, history, rules and laws and how some people or groups use power and other manipulative tools to direct the majority of people towards their goals and interests. And those messages have not been around just a little while. One song is from 1980 and the other one from 1996, yet today as valid and true as ever before.

Reinhard Mey – Sei wachsam

Reinhard Mey in 1996 performing this song from his album “Leuchtfeuer”

Reinhard Mey, Hannes Wader, Konstantin Wecker – Es ist an der Zeit

Mey, Wader und Wecker performing the song from Hannes Wader released in 1980

Please note that the title picture of this post is a screenshot of the Youtube-Video of Reinhard Mey’s song “Sei wachsam” and therefore not in best quality.

By Phil, March 17, 2021 Philip finds his inspiration in everyday life and finds profound messages even in basic tasks.


Philip finds his inspiration in everyday life and finds profound messages even in basic tasks.